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Disability Support

Disability Support


Live-in Care

Receiving 24 hour care from an NDIS support worker or live-in caregiver is the ideal solution to help you remain safe and content at home. Helping with all your daily activities, such as housekeeping, personal hygiene, medications, meals, and shopping, whilst also providing the value that comes from companionship.

Personal Care

Our Care Assistants provide home help Sydney to their clients to carry out many of their everyday self-care activities like Hygiene, Movement & Mobility, Nutrition, Medication Management, Social Support and Complex Care Routines.


Commuting is a key part of staying connected. Getting to appointments, social events, running errands or visiting friends and family can all be coordinated safely through Bellona Care disability support.

Social Support

Social support takes many forms. You may require hands-on assistance at work, study or therapy sessions or need help getting to appointments, sports and leisure activities, special events and entertainment venues. Alternatively, it may be that your situation has caused you to become socially disconnected so that you aren’t able to enjoy your usual interactions with family and friends or the broader community in general.

We can help by sending one of our friendly carers out for regular friendly conversations or help with your favourite past times and activities. If you need to get out and about, our staff can escort you or even drive you there.

Respite for Carers`

Our respite care services are designed to give you that much needed break. We can relieve you of your responsibilities for a few hours or even for a few weeks leaving you safe in the knowledge that we’ll continue the amazing job you do providing disabled care until you are rested, recharged and ready to return.

Why Choose Disability Support?


Disability Care that is delivered one on one, in the comfort of the persons own home can be more convenient, just as effective as, and frequently less expensive than the care received in a hospital or care facility. Whether it’s several hours of assistance per week, around-the-clock live-in disability home care or less-frequent care, we can help.